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So what exactly is a Pomodoro?

Well a pomodoro is actually a tomato, but the Pomodoro Technique is a time management process developed by Fancesco Cirillo in the 1980’s.  Using a clicking timer, the pomodoro practitioner works in a focused fashion for 25 minutes and then takes a 5 minute break where you do nothing.  The cycle repeats itself for 3-4 “pomodoro‘s” and then you take a longer 20 minute break.  When trying to master this technique there are 6 objectives.  Two that I have found helpful so far;  learning to better estimate how long it will take you to accomplish a task, and learning to manage interruptions.  My productivity increased within days of starting to use this technique.  Most enlightening has been an awareness how often I interrupt myself : )

 If you are challenged with trying to get more done with less, I strongly encourage you to give this technique a try.  Don’t just go by the description above, take the time to actually learn the particulars of the technique by downloading a pdf of the process here:  “The Pomodoro Technique“.  In addition, I would suggest that you visit the founder’s website where you can find more information.  Its not for everyone, but for me, it has been very helpful.