SMARTsummary (DOM) October 2014

Hear are all of the recommendations to improve mental fitness that surfaced at Dunamis for the month of October for the Targets 1) Mental Fitness and 2) Family Vision:

Mental Fitness:

-Andy Stanley – Making Decisions: mentions four questions that will lead you to better choices and less regrets

-John Kabat-Zinn video on Mindfulness: this video has over a 2 million views and serves as a good introduction to mindfulness meditation.

-Jeff Lliff video on the importance of sleep: interesting discussion on the purpose of sleep. It will become clear why we should get the sleep we need.

-Dr Andrew Weil video on breathing: discussed 4-7-8 breathing, a very good technique to calm your spirit and improve your well-being. Takes less than 5 minutes a day.

-IPhone sleep monitoring app: monitoring you sleep will give you insights as to the quality of your sleep and activities that help or hurt.

-Magnet Words: a recommendation from SMARTsteps as a way to control some of your subconscious behavior. And it works in the background.

-10 minutes of mindful meditation

-4-7-8 breathing: recommended and taught by Dr. Andrew Weil

-8 hours of sleep per night: recommended in SMARTsteps. There is much science to support this, though a 7 hour target may also work.

-Gratitude journaling: recommended in SMARTsteps. Based on work by Dr. Emmons. Scripture also suggests that you get more of what you focus on.

-Emotional Audit: suggested in SMARTsteps, most become aware of the amount of time spent in negativity, and this awareness is a part of the healing process.

-60 minutes of silence per day: recommended in SMARTsteps and helps to avoid brain fatigue, which supports better decision making.

Family Direction
-Adam Leipzig on purpose: Discusses five questions to help you figure out and describe your life’s purpose in 5 minutes.

-Josh Kaufman TED talk on getting good in 20 hours
Much of the wisdom out there suggest that it take 10,000 to master a subject. But this is mastery, not beings good. Being good only takes 20 hours of targeted practice. Realize that everyday you are getting good at something, make sure it’s something helpful. now at 2million views.

-Martin Grunberg discussing the importance of habits: Note that you are strengthening habits everyday. Better to strengthen those that help you achieve you purpose/priority.

-Andy Stanly video on Future Family: discusses one question that can dramatically change the family dynamics

-Lissa Rankin TEDx talk on what is important for health
Very interesting talk that disease is just that dis-ease with your inner self. If you want to be healthy there are targets other than rest, nutrition, and physical activity. Really health comes from health relationships with others and our environment, wow social fitness.

-Book: Steven Covey: seven habits of highly effective families

-Quote: Mark Twain – “the two most important days of your life are when you were born and when you find out why”

-Habit Factor App: encourages you to identify the habits that support a goal. Makes it easy to track and give you feedback, especially if the habit does not have to be done daily.

-Vision as a recurring task on phone: if you make your vision a recurring task you can be reminded at regular intervals what it is. May also help to write and reflect whether you have been living consistent with the vision since the last alarm.

-Vision board: Placing a vision board in the bedroom, helps to keep one focused on the road ahead before sleep and first thing in the morning.

-Nighttime imagery: Using imagery just before sleep, of the one or two tasks that should occur in the next day. May be helpful to construct a constructive morning. Try to make the image as real as possible, imagining all senses, and then smile to add some emotion.