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I Feel Really Really Good!!! Really!!!

I had not felt well for several months mainly being bothered by back-pain and fatigue.  This blah feeling was intensified when I decided to give Park-our training a try with my son.  I got through the introductory 4 lessons (which I enjoyed) with regular use of Motrin.  Since then I had been left with more back pain, pains in both wrist,  pain/swelling in my knees, and low levels of energy (50-60%).   All of these things had been weighing heavy on my mind as I feel that life is expecting much from me, and I want to deliver.

To avoid writing a whole book on the matter, lets just say that I was “led” to a book on nutrition.  Reading the book “Healing with Whole Foods, Asian Traditions, Modern Nutrition”, I was encouraged to give chlorophyll try (actually “another try” as I had used it before some 6 months earlier).  This time within an hour of taking the tablet I felt better and have been on a high ever since with quite a bit of energy (about 3 days now).  My body also seems to be healing itself with my back and joints feeling much better.   I did not experience this good when I took it before, so  it must be working in combination with some other things that I am doing.  So,  if you are having joint pains and some fatigue that wont seem to go away try the following formula:

1) Protein Powder: I had been using QuickMass as a meal replacement, as two scoops provides over 500 calories.  I am not suggesting this for calories or to increase protein but to make sure that one is getting all of the essential amino acids, which is harder with a vegetarian diet (which I was doing for a while).

2) Yoga:  I have these CD by ??? [I will get the name for the update] and I try to do this twice a day for a total of about 40-50 minutes per day.

3) Vitamin D: I usually take anywhere from 2,000 to 4,000 IU per day.  Though I must admit sometimes I miss a day or two.  I probably take it at least 4 times per week.

4) Omega 3 Fatty Acids (fish oil):

5) Vitamin C: I try to take 250 mg three times per day.  This is a water soluble vitamin so excesses are usually loss.  So breaking up a large dose over the course of the day should allow you to absorb and utilize more. 

6) Chlorophyll:  I take 100mg two to three times per day.  This seems to have flipped a switch in me.  One major change in my diet compared to when I took it before has been an increase in whole grains and brown rice in particular. 

7) Wheat Grass Tablets: My most recent addition has been wheat grass, and I take two tablets twice per day.  I must say thought that the change in my energy and feeling of vitality came mainly when I added the chlorophyll.

For completeness I should also mention that I;  take a Centrum Silver, avoid sugar, eat very little meat, occasionally take cod liver oil tables, and consume less than an two alcoholic beverages per month. Do I think that all of the above are necessary?  Not really sure.  I will say that the, brown rice and use of whole grain bread are probably the biggest changes in my diet between now and when I used the chlorophyll before.

If there are things that you have found helpful in treating joint pains please share them with : )

The best to you on your journey…