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A different way to wellness and a better community…

SMART is an acronym that stands for Specific Measurable Activities that Result in Transformation.  Under the umbrella of “SMART” there are several initiatives that act synergistically to improve the health of our communities.  This describes one initiative called “SMARTplace” which is a social marketing campaign that seeks to change behavior by first changing the conversation, and then seeking policy and infrastructure changes in ones environment that will sustain changes in wellness behavior, addressing four differing domains: stress, nutrition, physical activity, and social health (using the Citizen Report Card as a tool/guide).

The goal is to turn participating establishments into “SMARTplaces”.  Establishments can be any type of physical location such as a church, school, business, or community organization.  To be designated as a SMARTplace, three tasks must be accomplished:

  1. The “place” must have a SMARTcommittee, which meets quarterly.  They have the responsibility for collecting information concerning the “place” which includes Citizen Report Card Scores (anonymously), analyzing this information and setting the agenda for policy and infrastructure change.  They are also tasked with the identification and dissemination of information that would be helpful to the “place” achieving selected goals.  Note that the selection of the goals for the year should be a collective, participatory process, facilitated by the SMARTcommittee.  The committee also facilitates the sharing of lessons learned with other SMARTplaces.  In communicating with a group there are SMARTtargets (usually 2 per month), SMARTmessages that are posted weekly – identifying helpful principles, products, and practices, SMARTsummaries posted at the end of the month, and SMARTgatherings that occur once per quarter and is a time that allows the group to get together for a face to face discussion.
  2. Adopt at least one policy or infrastructure change that seeks to improve health by addressing one of the following domains; stress/rest, nutrition, physical activity, improving ones Citizen Report Card Score.  In brainstorming for possible solutions, the members are to review the list of “SMARTplace Brainstorming Suggestions” to stimulate ideas on relevant efforts that could be implemented.
  3. Fifty percent of the membership in the establishment has filled out the Citizen Report Card and selected one area to work on (improve their individual score).  If a member has all A’s (a rare one indeed), they should choose to partner with a member who has a lesser grade to help them improve their score (which gives them an A+).

You may ask, why?  

There are many reasons why this is important.  But rather than list them, let me just say that health has gone beyond health to become an economic issue.  As our health declines, so does our productivity.  As productivity declines our economy suffers.  As the economy suffers, our health declines.  It is a vicious circle that can and must be broken.  This can only be done with a collective effort with motivated individuals.  The more SMARTplaces we have, the better our communities.  The better out communities the better our city.  The better our cities, the better our world.

This initiative has grown out of my efforts to imporve my Citizen Report Card score.  I have made the decision to make a better me recognizing that a better me makes a better we.    Please join me on the road to health and personal fulfillment.

-james blessman

SMARTliving Lecture Series

This is a 4 lecture series, and each session is about an hour, which makes this a perfect educational session for a lunch and learn program.  Each lecture covers a major domain from the SMARTsteps program;

  • mental fitness: there is a discussion about stress and major strategies for controlling to include learning to “make your butterfly” and “mastering the hand”
  • nutritional fitness: this covers the five main strategies to eating healthy which surround calories, decreasing sugar, decreasing unhealthy fats, adding key nutrients, and increasing fruits and vegetable.
  • physical fitness: this covers elements of a complete fitness program, and how to get more physical activity into your day so that you don’t have to exercise : )
  • social fitness: using the citizen report card as a template, there is discussion of the concept of mental real-estate, and selected targets that will minimize stress, identifying key targets to benefit you, your family, and your community.
This lecture series is an excellent way to launch the SMARTplace effort discussed above.


Top 7 Strategies to Increase Customer Satisfaction Loyalty

Many businesses have evolved over the last decade into a more web based industry. The result of this transition is that consumers seeking to buy something now have more cheap jerseys china options than ever before. In turn, businesses are experiencing the challenge of increased competition and, in some cases, less business.

Certainly with repeat business and referrals being the bread and butter for many businesses and undoubtedly essential to anyone in business being able to satisfy clients becomes ever more important. Naturally, the more satisfied a client is, the more loyal that person will feel for years to come. It doesn’t take expensive gifts to make a client cheap nfl jerseys happy either.

The majority of people these days expect a response back from their inquiry within a reasonable time frame. Whether it would be an email or phone call, a prospect or client, it’s important to set up an effective communication system and make time out of your busy schedule to respond. It’s critical to be available to your customers’ schedules and not the other way around.

By doing so, you are proving that you care about them as a client and will take care of their needs. If you find yourself in a situation where you have not responded promptly, it still makes sense to respond with an apology for your tardiness.

Ask how your clients would like to be responded to.

One way to increase customer satisfaction is to communicate with clients through their preferred method. For online consumers, email is the standard method. This allows them to maintain the anonymous status which is important to online consumers. Even when consumers provide a telephone number, they may be surprised when you contact them by phone. If you decide to place a call, take into consideration that it is a more personal and perhaps invasive action.

Prepare notes or a list of questions beforehand to ensure you cover all your points and maximize cheap jerseys the time. By contacting people in their preferred method, you will most likely have a better chance of reaching them with that reasonable time frame, communicating effectively and achieving your goals.

Create a positive website experience.

Once visitors lands on your website or landing page, you have about 10 seconds to capture their attention. People will judge your site quickly and determine whether they’d like to give you the opportunity to earn their business and be their Realtor. With an attractive layout, some photos, your contact information clearly laid out on the home page, you’re off to a good start. When you start providing additional information on your website about your market area, like neighborhoods, schools, other points of interest, you begin to increase the value of your site. You will give people a reason to come back and they’ll tell others about it, too. A blog is an easy and effective tool to communicate with readers. There you can post market information, daily updates, and any opinions that may help educate visitors.

Everything you do once you connect with an Internet consumer should come across customized for the client. The Internet allows people flexibility and anonymity but once they reach out for information, they expect high quality customer service. Templates are an important tool to saving you time, but never forget to tailor several components to suit your client. People are becoming wiser and more Internet savvy, so they’ll be able to see.

Think from the customer’s point of view.

Buying something is an important and often emotional decision in a person’s life. Consumers will generally select someone whom they feel will take care of their needs best. Show that you are on their side, listen to their requirements and preferences and respond in a way that demonstrates or conveys that you consider them a close acquaintance or friend. Think from the customer’s perspective. This simple rule applies to any marketing initiative. Seeing things from the customer’s perspective will help keep their experience a positive one.

Side by side with setting expectations, a common sense to working successfully in challenging markets is to educate clients and to better manage expectations of the customers. Having facts, documentation, news, blogs, etc. to provide to your clients will help them understand where you are coming from and validate your points.

Print out white papers or articles and have them readily available for handing out to clients. Being an expert in your market is paramount to building trust and, in turn, clients and it’s your responsibility to understand and be able to convey the difference to help educate them.

Conduct surveys and track results.

Surveys can prove to be a valuable tool and source of information. You can set up surveys to go to clients in the beginning of a relationship after you first meet a client, in the middle of a longer term transaction period, and/or at the very end when the transaction is finalized. Find out what clients like or dislike about you and/or your offered services. Analyze their answers to find out what you can improve about your approaches and methodologies. Keep results so that down the road you can analyze metrics about how your business has evolved and have the ability to chart a course of action based on empirical knowledge, not just wholesale nba jerseys china guess work. Statistics and data will help you make wiser decisions about your business.Articles Connexes: