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Willpower – Wright-Filippis Rehab Conference – Do the fish see the water?

Had a chance to deliver the keynote address for the Wright-Filippis rehab conference. Had a blast, and made some new friends. I was asked for the slides and will put together a slide package over the next week.


  • Do the fish see the water?  Take the time to be grateful for the breath of life.
  • We all have our collective prosperity locked within our collective health. The better (healthier) we are collectively the better we all do collectively
  • The clock is ticking, we have about 5-10 years to real improve our collective health, to avoid the tsunami that is coming.
  • There are four domains to good health; mental, nutritional, physical and social fitness.
  • Willpower is a depletable resource (spend it wisely) but can be built like a muscle.  Don’t start start with your Goliath.
  • Many are likely suffering from serotonin deficiency, which can be impacted by stress, exercise, Vit D, and omega there fatty acids.


1) Menu Planning: \start with developing the habit of menu planning; with regard to nutrition must make sure there are adequate levels of Vit D (2-4,000 IU daily), Magnesium (cheated magnesium 400-800 mg per day), omega 3 fatty acids (miniming omega 6) and green tea.
2) set goals, and track your progress. Remember that good habits will be less depleting to you self control resources.

3) practice stillness (mindful meditation). As little as 10 minutes per day can be beneficial. This can be a way to remove the residue of daily life.

4) get regular exercise (remember the rat study). Yoga can be a good form of exercise as it requires little equipment, and space. Practicing postures where more would be too much, and less is not enough, is a good way to get to your edge and build willpower which is a universal power.

5) to minimize overall stress chaos, get all A’s on your Citizen Report Card. You can download a copy of the report card under the about tab or register on this site and fill out the Citizen Report Card on line.

Also, I will be re-writing the SMARTsteps wellness program. This is a 12 week program addressing the dimensions of mental, nutritional, physical, and social fitness (living by design). If you are interested let me now, and I will send you an announcement when it is updated and posted.