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Registering with www.BetterME.Us

I have gotten feedback from others that there are challenges registering at BetterME and filling out the Citizen Report Card on-line.  The comments below should help.  There is also a short video that describes the process.

The way the process should work:

  1. Go to main page and click on “new registration”.  When filling out the registration you will need to figure out a login name (I suggest first name and last initial).  Also note that phone number is optional.  What is really needed is a valid email address.
  2. When complete, you will be sent an email which will come from BetterME.  In this email will be a link to activate your account.  Click on this email link.
  3. After your account is activated you can go back to the website, log in and click on new test.
  4. When filling out your test, if you don’t know your BMI, there is a tab at the end that will take you to a table to help you calculate, just find the number where your height and weight meet.
  5. After you take your test, go to your “profile“, click “edit” under actions, and then “Groups Data“.  Once there look for your group (only if joining a group, and you know who you are : ) If you don’t see it, use the search function at the top of the list.  Once you find your group, click on the add button for your group.  This allows me to share summary data for your group.  Be assured that no one can see you individual responses.

If you have problems, please write a comment below.  This will be the best way to make improvements in our process.

If you would like to share your experience with the reportcard and also learn from others, join the following two groups which are at Linkedin:

  • : to follow the fifteen discussion threads concerning the citizen report card
  • 9SMARTsteps : to follow the nine discussion threads concerning the wellness program called SMARTsteps



SMARTliving Lecture Series (4 hours)

Today I shared the SMARTliving Lecture Series with folks in the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department.  This is a 4 lecture series, and each session is about an hour, which makes this a perfect educational session for a lunch and learn program.  Each lecture covers a major domain from the SMARTsteps program;

  • Mental Fitness: there is a discussion about stress and major strategies for controlling to include learning to “make your butterfly” and “mastering the hand”
  • Nutritional Fitness: this covers the five main strategies to eating healthy which surround calories, decreasing sugar, decreasing unhealthy fats, adding key nutrients, and increasing fruits and vegetable.
  • Physical Fitness: this covers elements of a complete fitness program, and how to get more physical activity into your day so that you don’t have to exercise : )
  • Social Fitness: using the citizen report card as a template, there is discussion of the concept of mental real-estate, and selected targets that will minimize stress, identifying key targets to benefit you, your family, and your community.
This lecture series is an excellent way to launch  SMARTplace, a very innovative employee wellness program.  If you have experienced this lecture series, please post a comment to give me some feedback.