SMARTliving Lecture Series (4 hours)

Today I shared the SMARTliving Lecture Series with folks in the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department.  This is a 4 lecture series, and each session is about an hour, which makes this a perfect educational session for a lunch and learn program.  Each lecture covers a major domain from the SMARTsteps program;

  • Mental Fitness: there is a discussion about stress and major strategies for controlling to include learning to “make your butterfly” and “mastering the hand”
  • Nutritional Fitness: this covers the five main strategies to eating healthy which surround calories, decreasing sugar, decreasing unhealthy fats, adding key nutrients, and increasing fruits and vegetable.
  • Physical Fitness: this covers elements of a complete fitness program, and how to get more physical activity into your day so that you don’t have to exercise : )
  • Social Fitness: using the citizen report card as a template, there is discussion of the concept of mental real-estate, and selected targets that will minimize stress, identifying key targets to benefit you, your family, and your community.
This lecture series is an excellent way to launch  SMARTplace, a very innovative employee wellness program.  If you have experienced this lecture series, please post a comment to give me some feedback. 


  1. Danni Stillwell says

    We, the employees of the DWSD Wastewater Treatment Plant, were treated to the 4-hour SMARTLiving presentation given by Dr. James Blessman. We were educated in the importance of our total well-being on all life levels. Dr. Blessman masterfully wove history, statistics, spiritual principals, and personal stories into a presentation that was not only informative, but uplifting as well. I so encourage groups, clubs, organizations, and families to incorporate the steps of the SMARTLiving program. I know I will!

  2. Lynwood Elmore says

    i’m so grateful for the opportunity to have been apart of the Seminar. It was a blessing to and for me. I appreciate Dr. Blessman sharing postive factors to help us as City Employees and individuals trying to make a difference in their Health and Life!

    Blessing and Accolades for and to Dr. Blessman

  3. Tressia Williams says

    I am so very grateful for the experience, I thank Danni Stillwell for bringing , Dr. Blessman to the City of Detroit employees. I hope that the information shared will be incorporated into the lives of the attendees , as well as family and friends. Dr. Blessman was very positive , articulate and funny. Thank you!


  4. Alecia Carter says

    I attend the workshop last week at Focus Hope, I enjoyed it the information I received was very helpful and I plan on using it to become healthier and wiser in my daily thoughts and activities.

  5. Ciera Clark says

    Dr. Blessman was the guest lecturer for my anatomy class this past Saturday, May 4, 2013 at Wayne County Community College downtown campus. The presentation he gave was excellent!! It has made me want add in key items that has been missing in my life. I was so excited about the presentation that I went home and shared the good news with my mom. Now she is ready to attend the workshop. The 18hr presentation that was condensed down into a 1.5 hr presentation was life changing. I am forever grateful for Dr. Davis inviting Dr. Blessman to speak with us.


  6. Herb White says

    Dr. J. Blessman’s Series is a “wake up call” to me an aging male. I learned that vital components helping to sustain my life need to be tweaked. Its now becoming urgent in nutritional and physical activity. I found he has a unique style of simplifying highly technical jargon found in biochemical and medical research that applies to us and breaks it down into practical applications in our lives. The lectures I attended were culturally sensitive and inclusive of the diversity of ways of caring and working behavior. Makes good sense. Solid advise on lessening certain behavior and increasing the healthful..

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