Alkaline Foods?

There is an article on alkaline foods and 74 foods were recommended ( However when I cross referenced this list with foods from a ph app that lists the PRAL score there were several inconsistencies.
– PRAL stands for Potential Renal Acid Load and seems to be the standard for determining whether foods have an acidifying or alkalinizing effect on the body. You can read about PRAL calculations and recommendations here: Those at this site suggests checking your urine, shooting for ph values at there low in the morning and increasing over the course of the day (6.5 to 7 in the morning and then increasing) . You can also find some recommendations here
– get an app that list the PRAL score of foods as this seems to be the standards
– the green foods seem to consistently have very low PRAL scores (in the negative range). But there are other foods that are not green that mainly have an alkalinizing effect on the body. You may need to check several sources to see if they consistently report that a food is alkalinic as there are inconsistencies reported.
– many spices seem to be alkaline, it may help to familiarize yourself with them and use them regularly in cooking.
beans, greens, and rice (which is only mildly acidic may need to be the main stay of the diet. If you have trouble with beans, try cooking them with a little baking soda, that may help.

– Finally, consider using ph strips to test your urine.  In this way you can get a better idea as to the effect your diet is having on your acid base load.  If you find recipes that are helpful, please share


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