Eat Better, Feel Better!!!

My job causes me to help care for many who have had work-related illnesses.  In doing this I have begun to see what appears to be increasing numbers of people with degenerative diseases who also seem to have trouble healing.  Because of this and concerns for my own health I have been in search of ways to help minimize the occurrence and progress of degenerative diseases.  While I don’t have it all figured out I am recognizing some patterns and can make some recommendations.  As you try these please let me know if you find the  recommendations helpful:

1) limit animal protein:  meats and dairy are supposed to be supplying us with needed calcium and protein, however their metabolism creates an acidic environment that you body balances by dissolving bone.  By the way stress is thought to also add to the acid load.  You can hear more about this by watching the movie “Forks Over Knives” which is available on Netflix, or online for free by clicking on the title. While you don’t need to be a vegetarian, I would suggest getting to 4 or more meatless days per week.

2) eat more alkalizing fruits and vegetables: many fruits and vegetables are the answer to too much acidity in our bodies.  Not all of the fruits and vegetables however are alkalizing (with the ability to neutralize the acid from meats and dairy).  I would suggest that you perform a search for alkalizing fruits and vegetables and get a since of what can be helpful.  Probably the quickest change that can be made is to drink two cans of V-8 juice per day (low sodium if salt is a concern).

3) cut down on sugar: the problem with sugar is actually fructose which is a part of sugar.  The problem is that fructose encourages uric acid production which is not good for the joints as well as affecting nitric oxide production which protects our vessels and circulation.  Major sources of sugar include that which we add, juices, and soda.  Sugar is also added to many processed foods.  You must also be careful of some fruits which can be high in fructose.  For more information look at my prior blog called “toxic sugar” and watch the video of Dr. Lustig (link provided).  Most would benefit from not drinking juice or soda more than 2 times per week.

4) cut down on trans fats: these are fats created by directed processing, but can also be created by frying. Their presence can affect the production of certain prostaglandins in our body that help to protect our joints and vessels.  Try to limit (or eliminate)  fried food to less than twice per week.  Better oil choices are un-refined olive and sesame oils.  These can be hard to find, and the next best choice is the “cold press” variety.  Note that these oils can still develop unhelpful substances by just being exposed to air and light.

5) cut down on flour: while grains are good for you. Flour has been processed to remove much of the nutritional value which is why it needs to be enriched.  A better choice is whole grains sources of wheat.  For this reason brown rice is also better than white rice.  While these are better nutritional sources, they don’t help with the challenge of acidity.  It was noted in a book by Dr. Weston Price written back in the 1940s, that those cultures that consumed more sugar, flour, and canned food (representing processed foods), where routinely associated with degenerative diseases.  Cultures that avoided these three substances also avoided degeneration.  When looking for grains, look for whole grain and sprouted varieties.


By following the above recommendations, it is my hope that you will have less pain, and perhaps slow or even reverse the processes that contribute to degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis).  I hope you find the above helpful.  Please share your journey with us by posting comments.  As for me, its time for a V-8


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