Exercise for Low Back Pain

While I am in pretty good shape (for a 50 plus man), I have been nagged in recent years by problems with my low back.  I can get pain that comes on suddenly and can be pretty incapacitating.  After listening to a presentation by Sherry McLauglin, I came up with an exercise that is simple an shows great promise.  I don’t have a name for it, but not only has it helped my back tremendously, it has also helped my shoulders and trimmed a little fat from my stomach : )  The main muscle targets of the exercise are the transversus abdominis  and the multifidus, both very important muscles for a healthy back.  Here is the YouTube post.

Click Here: Exercise for Low Back Pain

Forgive the roughness of the video, and let me know if you find it helpful.  I have incorporated this with doing my Pomodoros (see earlier post), doing this approximately 5 times per day for less than one minute each.

Here are pictures of the muscles : )











transversus abdominis











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