GWCC Mental Fitness

For the GWCC SMARTgroup, please post the principles, practices, and products that you find helpful in improving your mental fitness.  This would include a sense of peace, happiness, improved self control, or will power.

When this is your focus, try to make two posts in a week.  You may find items by searching the internet, searching this site or talking to others.


  1. James Blessman says

    Here are some principles for mental fitness:

    1) Self Control is like a muscle (say yes to no, and no to yes often)
    2) Self Control is a depleatable resource
    3) Lifestyle behaviors are helpful (rest, nutrition, exercise, gratitude)
    4) Happiness hormones play a role

    • Please post examples of practices. Thanks!

      • James Blessman says

        You should notice that mental fitness is one of the categories to the right. If you click on the link, it will filter the sight for mental fitness entries that have already been made. In addition if you go to the about tab, you can down load the first three pdfs for SMARTsteps, they also are making suggestions for improving mental fitness (for example keeping a gratitude journal, or magnet words), There is also some links to some videos from Kelly McGonigal and Roy Baumeister. McGonical has several suggestions for improving your willpower.

  2. Hi Dr. Blessman. My group will be starting with Mental Fitness. Please post an example or two of a principle, practice and product to help us get started. Thanks!

  3. For ideas about incorporating meditation into your daily life , look at and listen to Andy Puddicombe’s TED talk.

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