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For the GWCC SMARTgroup, please post the principles, practices, and products that you find helpful in improving your nutrition fitness.  These practices should actually make you feel better, not just emotionally.   This could include not only what to eat, but how it is prepared, time of the day that it is eaten, products useful in preparing, best places to get food etc.   You may also write about observations that you find unhelpful, for example food that make you feel tired.  This can also be helpful.

When this is your focus, try to make at least two posts in a week.  You may find items by searching the internet, searching this site or talking to others.


  1. James Blessman says

    Here are the bullets principles for nutritional fitness : )

    1) Whole Foods Plant Based Diet (less meat, dairy)
    2) Weston Price: Errors of Commission (sugars, four, canned (processed) foods)
    3) Errors of Omission (Mg, Vit D, Omega 3, Ratio B Vitamins – Daniel
    4) Hypotoxic Diet: avoid AGEs by low temperature cooking (there are actually 6 recommendations in all from the book “The End of Pain”

  2. James Blessman says

    There has been much published about the benefit of omega 3 fatty acids. Seems its very good for the brain helping to improve mental clarity, memory, and mood. While there are three types of Omega 3 fatty acids available, probably the best way to get an adequate supply is by regularly taking from 1-3 teaspoons of cod liver oil. Its ok to put this in some juice. I purchased Carlson Norwegian Fish Oil. which has 500 mg of DHA and 800 mg of EPA.

  3. James Blessman says

    Nutritional Fitness PRODUCT (jblessman) Cod Liver Oil (an updated post about Cod Liver Oil : )
    Thats it. Cod Liver Oil. Turns out that cod liver oil is a very good source of the omega 3 fatty acid called DHA. It also contains other helpful vitamins such as Vit D, Vit A, and Vit K.

    Those who take this regularly report increased vitality, weight-loss, improvements in mood with better decisions, better memory, less joint pain, hair & nail, growth, and improvements in their skin. I’d say thats a pretty impressive list of benefits.

    It is recommended that you take 1-3 tsp of Cod Liver Oil daily (or at least a few times per week unless instructed not to by your doctor : ) One brand, Carlson’s Lemon flavored Cod Liver Oil seems to be tolerated very well, not like the yucky stuff my mother use to give me as a child.

    I should mention that while fish oil is good, it does not come with he additional vitamins that are in cod liver oil. Also plant base sources of omega 3 typically supply it in the form of ALA ,which must be converted in the body to DHA, which may not happen because of other dietary behaviors, that provide too much omega 6 fatty acids.

    Read some of the reviews of others who have started to take this regularly…

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