GWCC Physical Fitness

For the GWCC SMARTgroup, please post the principles, practices, and products that you find helpful in improving your physical fitness.  You can consider any type of physical activity, not just exercise.  What things can you do that really seem to improve your level of fitness.  When do you do them, where do you do them.  What products seem helpful etc.

When this is your focus, try to make at least two posts in a week.  You may find items by searching the internet, searching this site or talking to others.


  1. James Blessman says

    Here are some principles for physical fitness

    1) Strengthening (quads and butt muscles)
    2) Stretching (especially rotation)
    3) Endurance
    4) Drainage of lymphatics through massage or inversions (e.g. during Yoga)

  2. James Blessman says

    Tip: Know you Target Heart Rate for Moderate Physical Activity

    We all know that exercise has many health benefits, but it can also improve your willpower, but its important to get the right amount. A recent study demonstrated the increase brain power with just 20 minutes of moderate physical activity. That is, exercise that achieves a heart rate of 50 to 70% of your maximum heart rate. How do you figure this out? The formula is 220 minus your age times either 50% on the low end to 70% on the high end. I recommend using 60% as the target. For a 50 year old that would be 220 – 50 = 170 x .6 = 102 beats per minute. Maintain that for 20 minutes and you are golden : ) You should check with your doctor before beginning any major exercise program.

  3. We are starting physical fitness. If you have trouble getting to an organized class look at the Daily Burn web site.

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