GWCC Social Fitness

For the GWCC SMARTgroup, please post the principles, practices, and products that you find helpful in improving your social fitness.  For social fitness please use the Citizen Report Card as a guide.  While you can post on activities that help you advance to an A in any topic, we would like to highlight Financial Fitness, Personal Development, and Family Direction.  This is because these categories may map to autonomy, mastery, and purpose.  Success in these areas are typically associated with motivation, happiness, and life fulfillment.

Have a look at the TED talk by Dan Pink on the subject.

When this is your focus, try to make two posts in a week.  You may find items by searching the internet, searching this site or talking to others.


  1. jblessman says

    To help with financial fitness I have been trying to make sure that I enter all of my transactions in an app (Money Wizard)to help with budgeting. I have set up alerts with my bank so that I get a text every time a withdrawal is made, that way I can keep track of the transactions that have been entered in the Money Wizard app. After the transition is entered, I delete the txt.

  2. James Blessman says

    Here are some recommended principles to consider:

    1) Mirror Neurons; make it easy for us to repeat things that we have seen.
    2) The power of words/images (automaticity). Word and images that we experience consciously can have an effect on our behavior subconciously.
    3) “Trojan Desires”, from others, music and TV. These desires can be in conflict with our true self.
    4) Self talk, positive thinking vs Magnet words 🙂
    5) Energy Management (there is a metabolic cost to every thing you experience, make sure its worth it)

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