Mental Fitness PRINCIPLE Building a Better Brain

When it comes to self control, the frontal lobe of your brain is very important. There are many things that we do that lessen its function. This lecture (by Dr. Neil Nedley) will discuss them and make suggestions as to things that can be done to enhance your frontal lobe function, and allow you to make better decisions.

Things to consider:

1) music (with mention of the types of music that are helpful and harmful).  There are also comments about the impact of TV.

2) avoidance of trauma, even mild trauma

3) mindfulness breathing

4) sunlight

5) exercise

6) critical thinking, and searching for truth like as listed in proverbs

7) good lifestyle, and improve health minimizing chronic disease

Habits in these areas will improve the functioning of the frontal lobe, and will help on have greater willpower and the ability to do what one should and avoid what one should not do.  These are true seeds to happiness.

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