My Vision: City of “A’s”

SMARTcitiesI have recently been impressed on both the importance of purpose and vision, as well as the importance of writing it down. I will explain in sometime soon why, but for now I just wanted to capture mine. My vision and purpose is around creating Cities of A’s. So what does a City of A’s look like…

Its a place were less than 80% have healthy weights (and not overburdened with diabetes and hypertension), were its residents are without the struggles of addiction to substances or alcohol, and there is regular interaction with the health professions for advice on prevention and health promotion rather than disease treatment.

Where families are whole, and regularly engaged in helpful conversations, in homes that are healthy, safe, uncluttered, and free from environmental hazards such as lead and radon. Where families are also financially fit, with the ability to honor their financial commitments, and the confidence to sustain themselves through any short period of financial challenge. Where families also walk with clarity about their passions and purpose, and with this clarity comes organization around priorities, and the ability to support themselves effectively should their be a natural disaster.

A place where people regularly invest in improving their knowledge and skills, able to address the needs of the time, and all with the ability to find a place where they can add value, and make contributions to our collective prosperity. The citizens make sure their environment is beautiful and clean, regularly recycling so that waste can be wisely managed. A place where the residents regularly interact with their political leadership to help insure that the policies developed distribute resources in fair and equitable manner.

Most importantly, a city of A’s is a place where the dominant conversations surround the potential of our future and the practices and products that can get us there, and not the futility and frustrations of our past. Where the residents live in harmony with their environment, consistently making helpful choices, full of vitality, regularly walking in love and forgiveness, always ready and willing to lend a hand to a neighbor in need.

That is what a city of A’s look like. Thats a place where I want to live, and I will expend every good breath I have to make that happen.  I do have a plan, and pray that it is God’s plan for my life.  Maybe you are a part of it.  If so, drop me a line…

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