Nutritional Fitness “Plus” PRINCIPLE Nutrition for a Better Brain

I found two additional lectures by Dr. Neil Nedley, discussing the relationship between nutrition and brain function (especially frontal lobe function). In this sense there is a two for one benefit. You get good advice on overall nutrition, that also benefits the brain which allows you to make good decisions. Eat better, be better, do better. Some highlights; walnuts, spinach, tofu, sesame seed and others…

Part 1:


1) Tryptophan and Omega 3 fatty acids are important as they are used to make brain neurotransmitters

2) probably one of the highest sources of tryptophan is tofu, also pumpkin and sesame seeds.

3) when meat is present, there is competition between the essential amino acids such that less tryptophan is absorbed

4) carbohydrates help the tryptophan cross the blood brain barrier

5) really helps with depression and improved brain function

Part 2:


1) the B vitamins and iron are also very important for brain health

2) foods that are high in folate; spinach, navy beans, lentils, black eyed peas

3) cholesterol mainly comes from meat sources, and high cholesterol levels is associated with poorer brain function.


Recipe Suggestions:

1) Smoothie:  I have started to experiment with the following combination in my Nutribullet  Spinach to fill line, 2 oz of tofu, 1/4 cup Flaxseed, 1/4 cup Walnuts, 1/2 tsp Cinnamon, 1/8 tsp Salt.  I can’t say that this taste great, but I am able to get this down.  I do note that I feel better later.  But I have not been doing this very long.  But I would like to hear back from others on this.  I will say that my sleep seems better, with more dreaming.

2) Soup: Navy Bean – Soak beans over night in a tsp of baking soda and then poor off the water and store in the fridge for 2 days (to allow for some beginning sprouting).  When I cook these I put in a pot with smoked turkey wings, onion, garlic, and another tsp of baking soda.  I let this boil for about two hours and then the beans soup will start to thicken.  Just prior to this I add in a bunch of kale.

3) Stir Fry: First I cook some brown rice and store this in the fridge.  When ready I sauté onion, garlic, asparagus, sweet peas (frozen), bean sprouts, and tofu in sesame oil.  When about done I add in the rice.  Let this cook for a minute, then add in soy sauce (bolded items always added, the others sometime.  After this is done and while still in the pot, sometime I will also stir in some avocado.

Please share any recipes you have following the principles of whole foods, alkalinity, tryptophan, omega 3, etc…


  1. Dear Dr. Blessman

    I’m very excited about your entire series on helping others improve their quality of life. I recently visited a suggested site to learn more about improving brain function. Thought you might be interested learning that the Living TV seems to be disabled thus making it difficult to access the information. Thx for fixing this issue. I look forward to becoming a more active member of this wonderful community. Sincerely a fan!!

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