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THIS BLOG: Most of the information posted here can also be found at SMARTplace on FaceBook.  The nice thing about this site compared to FaceBook is that it is easier to find and review older posts.  As example by clicking on the nutritional fitness filter, you can find all of the posts concerning nutrition.  You can also search for key words.  So the FaceBook page (SMARTplace) is good for recent posts, however BetterME is better for archived information.

OTHER NUTRITION TIPS:  For those interested in some general wellness information you can also download the wellness program called SMARTsteps at  The steps that focus on nutrition are steps 4,5, and 6.  Here you will find some helpful tips on better eating, as well as some forms to get a better understanding of what you are currently doing.


PRINCIPLE: In Genesis 6:3 it is stated that the normal lifespan will be limited to 120 years.  It seems however that our average lifespan is less than 80.  So for many, they are leaving more than 40 years on the table.  Even more when you consider that our medicine cabinets start to fill  up at the age of 40.  The question is why?  Part of the answer can be found in a presentation regarding the Blue Zone Project which identifies some simple practices that help populations cross 100 (regular rest, plant based diet, life activities that involve exercise, and quality relationships). (20 minute video)

Concerning eating, the bible has some interesting things to say.  In Genesis 1:29 KJV it states that were are given herb bering seeds, and fruit that is seed yielding for food.  When it comes to meat, it states that we “may eat” meat but only certain types.  The benefits of good eating can be appreciated in Daniel where he demonstrated the value of a diet of “pulse” which represents dry legumes.

The diet by Daniel contrast quite a bit with what has been labeled as the “standard american diet” (SAD).  While there are many differences, I would like to comment on one the Omega 3:6 ratio.  There has been much talk about the benefits of omega 3 in the diet, but it seems that the relationship of omega 3 to omega 6 is also very important.  The optimal ratio is 1:1, and as you go above 1:4 you start to see more disease, like heart disease, arthritis, asthma, and cancer.  What is the ratio of the typical  “SAD”, 1:17 or higher.  Now hear is what is interesting, bean (legumes or “pulse”) has a ratio of  1:.6 which would be very conducive to optimal body functioning vs the 1:17 in the SAD.  Perhaps this is why Daniel who limited his diet to pulse was described as a young man without any physical defect, handsome, showing aptitude for every kind of learning, well informed, quick to understand, and qualified to serve… (Daniel 1:4) I wonder what would happen if we all limited our diets to pulse and water?

PRACTICE Eating Beans: Should you decide that you want to increase your consumption of beans, it seems that those that are most healthy would include kidney beans, navy beans, and black eyed peas.  To cut down on gas, soak the beans over night in some baking soda, then drain and store in the fridge for 2 days to encourage some sprouting.  When you cook them I suggest adding some baking soda (and other favorite seasonings) and  slow cooking until the beans start to dissolve.

Other ways to get good amounts of omega 3 relative to omega 6 is to add both Flax seed and Chia seeds to your diet, which can be put in smoothies.  Oils to avoid include sunflower, soybean, cottonseed, and corn oil as they have high levels of omega 6 relative to omega 3.

These fats (unsaturated fats) are a major component of our cells and chemical processes.  The polyunsaturated fats are a much more unstable building block, compared to the saturated fats, and can break down when exposed to stressors in the body, which encourages oxidation (or rust).  When these poly unsaturated fats are in excess, it could be that we are building our body on an unstable foundation that allows us to “rust”, if you will, from the inside out.  Paying attention to this nutritional principle could go along way for improving our health.  Perhaps all these diseases that we face are just different manifestations of the same problem, systems being built on poor foundations that fail.  If the system is your brain you get poor memory and poor choices, your vessels – high blood pressure or stroke, your pancreas – diabetes, your immune system – infection or cancer.


Visit the website  Here you can create a profile and input some of your common recipes.  The sight will then perform an analysis to let you know what you might be missing.  Most importantly it would allow you to figure out your omega 3 to omega 6 ratio.

On a personal note, I have noticed over the years that I was having a lot of difficulty with dry skin, especially my hands.  I tried all types of lotions that offered little help.  Then ran across an article that suggested that when your omega 3:6 is out of balance that one of the signs is dry skin.   When I put in some of my common foods I found out that many nuts/seeds that I was eating (almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds) have a very unfavorable profile, with high levels of omega 6.  I have cut these out, and my skin has improved in just a week.  It will take a month to really appreciate the impact, but I’m already happy with the results.

If you use the website, and gain some helpful insight, please share.  Also, if you develop recipes that have a good omega 3:6 profile, share these also.

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