SMARTtarget (DOM): Mental Fitness Sept 2014

Mental fitness is about being able to identity and operationalize good choices. In this discussion thread, post and comment on the principles, products, and practices, that help us make good decisions. Targets likely include meditation, sleep, brain food, reflection, exercise.  You can get some tips from a review of he first 3 steps in the SMARTsteps wellness program.


  1. James Blessman says

    PRINCIPLE: Andy Stanley – Making Decisions: mentions four questions that will lead you to better choices and less regrets

  2. James Blessman says

    PRINCIPLE: John Kabat-Zinn video on Mindfulness: this video has over a 2 million views and serves as a good introduction to mindfulness meditation.

  3. James Blessman says

    PRINCIPLE: Jeff Lliff video on the importance of sleep: interesting discussion on the purpose of sleep. It will become clear why we should get the sleep we need.

  4. James Blessman says

    PRINCIPLE: Dr Andrew Weil video on breathing: discussed 4-7-8 breathing, a very good technique to calm your spirit and improve your well-being. Takes less than 5 minutes a day.

  5. James Blessman says

    PRODUCT: IPhone sleep monitoring app: monitoring you sleep will give you insights as to the quality of your sleep and activities that help or hurt.

  6. James Blessman says

    PRODUCT: Magnet Words: a recommendation from SMARTsteps as a way to control some of your subconscious behavior. And it works in the background.

  7. James Blessman says

    PRACTICE: 10 minutes of mindful meditation daily

  8. James Blessman says

    PRACTICE: 4-7-8 breathing: recommended and taught by Dr. Andrew Weil, several times during the day but try to do this upon waking and before retiring. Also when taking breaks during the day.

  9. James Blessman says

    PRACTICE: 8 hours of sleep per night: recommended in SMARTsteps. There is much science to support this, though a 7 hour target may also work. I usually get 7 fairly consistently, but it takes some planning and dedication to get in the bed. Also a willingness to say no to that last task that you feel you can get it.

  10. James Blessman says

    PRACTICE: Gratitude journaling: recommended in SMARTsteps. Based on work by Dr. Emmons. Scripture also suggests that you get more of what you focus on.

  11. James Blessman says

    PRACTICE: Emotional Audit: suggested in SMARTsteps, most become aware of the amount of time spent in negativity, and this awareness is a part of the healing process. It is only recommended that you do this for a week as you don’t want negativity to become your focus.

  12. James Blessman says

    PRACTICE: 60 minutes of silence per day: recommended in SMARTsteps and helps to avoid brain fatigue, which supports better decision making.

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