SMARTtarget (DOM) Nutritional Fitness – Nov 2014

Please post in this discussion the people/principles, products, and practices that help you eat better. You can get some starter information from SMARTsteps posted at The general goals; appropriate calories, whole foods plant based diet, with adequate Vit D and minerals, limited hydrogenated oils and sugar.


  1. Feeling that I need to decrease the dose of Vit D which has been 2,000-5,000 IU per day. It’s seems to be causing some dry skin. Don’t know if others have also noted dryness??? My plan is to take the 5,000 IU once per week, as I feel that vitamin D is still important.

  2. Here is a video listing their view of the top 10 healthy foods. I regularly get in most. I could do better with a few:)

  3. PRINCIPLE: study finds that ramen noodles may increase the risk of heart diseas, diabetes, and stroke.

  4. PRINCIPLE: If you are having problems with inflammation (joint pain, skin problems, other) in your body you may be suffering the complications of nightshade sensitivity. Many have found that there problems have gone away and they have been able to clear out their medicine cabinets by stopping these foods. Two common nightshade foods are potatoes and tomatoes. Here is a post that you might find helpful. If you find helpful posts, please share.

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