The “Hat”

I have a hat that displays several life principles that I hold dear.  People often ask me what the words/symbols mean, so I decided to write a blog entry about it so that people can have a greater understanding, just in case we have little time to share words in the moment.  It has been affectionately named “A Legacy Hat” by a good friend:

“The D gets an A” (front)

Detroit will get an A when most participate in filling out the “Citizen Report Card” and of those that do, they get at least 8 A’s out of 15 possible grades.  This is my vision for the city of Detroit, and I feel that it is important to keep my mission and purpose in front of me at all times.

“Going Ghost” (left side)

This reminds me of the importance of staying in the present moment, which has two benefits; 1) it helps me make better (“authentic”), noticing that when I am angry or afraid I make bad decision choices, and 2) it prevents others around me who may be in a negative state, looking for a negative state to interact with, from seeing me.

Butterfly (back)

Recognizing that the present moment is the place to be, I have two strategies that help me get back to  the present moment when my mind goes to the future with fear or to the past with anger.  For the future, I ask myself what would gone feel like.  That is, what would if feel like if the matter that was causing fear was no longer an issue.  This does two very positive things 1) allows me to experience a positive emotion, without actually solving the problem.  We are more creative when we experience positive emotions, and more likely to solve a future concern, and 2) I can begin to form a more positive image that my subconscious can respond to vs. the negative image that has me gripped in fear.  This action creates a balancing energy to the fear and allows me to get back to the present moment, the whole process of which reminds me of the right wing of the butterfly.  With regard to anger, I ask myself “What is the positive meaning for this (anger/frustration producing event) in my life.  As I reflect on my life, I have certainly grown more from getting through my challenges, than living with my blessings.  I have come to understand, that many things that I find frustrating, usually make me a better person, when I look for the positive meaning.  Doing this creates a positive balancing energy to the frustrating event, and allows me to get back to the present moment.  This represents the left wing of the butterfly.  The body of the butterfly reminds me of the present moment itself.  The more I practice making butterflies, the easier and more natural it becomes.

“Currency” (right side)

The more current that flows through a light bulb, the brighter it becomes, providing light and clarity to the environment in which it finds itself.  Block the current on the front end, and the bulb is dim..  Block the flow on the back end, and again the bulb is dim.  This reminds me that I should not be slow in passing along my blessings.  As they come in, the quicker they are handed off to others the better for myself and the environment in which I ding myself.  When I hold onto blessings, it is no good for anyone including myself; holding on, without giving leads to a form of life obesity, and feeling unfulfilled.


So that’s a brief discussion of the hat.  Now the next time you see me you’ll understand, and if you agree with the principles, give me a high five.  Or better yet, join me in helping Detroit get an “A”:)



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