“One SMART Lecture” : Mental Fitness

I had a chance to spend some time with some great people at the Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency.  We talked about SMARTliving and they were charged with:

  1. Learning to make their Butterfly;  This is a process that encourages positive emotions and more time living in the present moment.  To do this you must learn to manage three times well.  The first practice is mindful meditation that helps with awareness.  The second practice involves managing fears of the future by just asking what it would feel like to be without the fear (right wing).  The third practice involves looking for the positive meaning in the event that has upset or frustrated you, reflecting on the fact that most of your growth in the past came from dealing with an adversity (left wing) .
  2. Mastering the Hand: It was suggested that there are 5 areas that if mastered would be associated with a much more fulfilling life.  Each areas is assigned to a finger; Vision, Health, Finances, Time Management, and Communication.
  3. Getting all A’s on the Citizen Report Card: This is a tool that may be used to increase your social fitness.  If you register you can take the survey on line (that would make me happy), or you can download a hardcopy and review.

Click here download handout: SMARTlecture Handout.  Hopefully those that attended found the information helpful.  It was certainly fun for me : )  Hopefully they will have me back to talk about becoming a SMARTplace.


  1. I truly enjoyed the lecture and picked up a lot of tips on how to, not only live healthier, but to live longer and happier. I especially enjoyed the butterfly presentation. I will also use the wire finger transfer tip…teehee (an alternative to the transferring pennies from the right pocket to the left pocket).

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