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Join the SMARTplace Movement…

For those interested in becoming a “SMARTplace” (this makes more sense if you have been to the lecture on the topic), the following steps are recommended:

1 [] Register at www.BetterME.Us and fill out the survey, and attach yourself to the relevant group.  Send me a message if you can’t find your relevant group.

2 [] Watch the following presentations (place blog with links by Friday)

[] This One Thing by Andy Stanley

[] Motivation by Dan Pink

[] Child Driven Education by Sugata Mitra

[] When Ideas Have Sex by Matt Ridley

[] Add 10 years to you life by Jane McGonigal

3 [] Schedule a training meeting to learn

[] Focused Root Cause Analysis

[] Apollo Root Cause Analysis

4 [] Schedule time for the SMARTliving Lecture Series (four 1 hour lectures)

5 [] Schedule SMARTplace Planning Meeting

6 [] Join Linkedin, and then join the BetterME.Us group.  Here there are 15 different class discussion where you can read about identified people, products, and practices that others are using to advance their grade.  You can also post your own insights.  This allows us to learn from each other.

With this schedule, you can have your SMARTplace operational in approximately 4 weeks 🙂