Had a blast with Danialle Karmanos!!!

IMG_3079 IMG_3074Just had my podcast with Danialle Karmanos posted (Jan 2020).  In summary it as a blast!!!  She is such a good conversationalist and needs her own talk show:) You are welcomed to listen by clicking here.  The topics covered centered on a topic that I hold dear; learning to live as we have been designed to live, identifying the best practices in the categories of

– mentalFitness: sleep, meditation

– nutritionalFitness: go nutrient dense, intermittent fasting

– physicalFitness: stretching, strengthening, building endurance

– socialFitness: connecting with your purpose, service

Many but not all of the above were covered to some degree.  As for my mission, I clarified that I am going after social toxicity, and trying to build “Cities of A’s” using a tool known as the Citizen Report Card”.  You can download hard copies from this website.  But you can do me one better by filling out the online survey of the Report Card by clicking here🙂 

Living By Design 2018

IMG_2367I had a chance to speak to the incoming medical student class at Wayne State University today.  I so enjoyed spending time with them.  There were a few technical glitches, but I was able to manage.  Today was the first time that I got a chance to share my vision of “What would a city of A’s look like?”  It felt good.

Being with them caused me to reflect back on my beginnings.  I am exited for their journey, their growth.  I hope they found what I shared helpful, and wish them the best.


Benefits to driving the speed limit? More life…

I have been working in a new job for a few months which requires that I spend much more time commuting in my car, usually about 3 hours per day roundtrip, 3 days per week. On one trip to Lansing, I decided to actually drive the speed limit. Strange. I think this was behind some recent reflection wondering about the role of guilt in disease, noting a passage in the Bible, were Jesus healed a guy would could not walk by saying “your sins are forgiven”; is this passage really to point out the relationship between “dis” “ease” and disease? You see, I typically drive about 5-10 miles over the speed limit, whatever the limit is, as I feel that the State Troopers don’t seem to bother me when I pass them on the side of the road at that speed. When I do this, occasionally I find myself 15-20 miles over the speed limit. On this trip with my cruise control set at 70 mph, the drive was noticeably peaceful, as I did not need to be on constant vigil for the State Troopers. In fact, as I passed one, I actually smiled, knowing that he had no interest in me.
It’s been about two weeks now, and this has been my standard practice. The drive is so much more pleasant and peaceful. I pay more attention to, and have a greater appreciation for, the nature that I see along the way, and it actually makes me feel good. It makes me wonder about the damage that I may have been doing to myself, with this 3 hours of stress (although mild), that I was adding to my life every day. Especially when I passed by a State Trooper, and then watch in my rearview mirror to see if the State Trooper pulls out onto the road. Makes me wonder about the other times that I knowingly bend the rules, and then carry this stress with me.
With this observation, I decided to count the number of cars that passed me while I was going 70 mph. I counted 20 in 10 minutes. I only pass one car. So it seems that the majority are “breaking the rules”. In addition to the stress caused by this (dis “ease” causing disease), it makes me wonder how this practice sets us up to be willing to break other rules that we feel are inconvenient to us.
I don’t know if this will forever be my practice, and I do take the opportunity to gun it a bit if I need to pass a truck. But for now, I’m gonna stay with the speed limit. It may cost me a bit more in time, but probably less than the years I shave off my life from chronic stress. Collectively I wonder how many years we shave off of our lives by living outside of the rules? If you have a tendency to drive over the speed limit and decide to slow down, let me know how it impacts you.

A New Life Chapter…

I have been reading (or rather listening in the car) to the book “Organize Tomorrow Today”(OTT) by Dr. Jason Seek and Tom Bartow.  Without going into the details which will come later, this has encouraged me to seek out what would be the perfect day for me.  Also being inspired by Jim Kwik, I would like to master the first three hours of the day.  Kwik actually attempts to control the first and last hours of the day.  I state the first three hours as in OTT they find that it usually takes 3 hours to get your three most important tasks done in the day.  So I’m trying to combine two ideas into one.  The elements in this 3 hour time span should speak to the pd5, which is my own thinking around the domains that are important to master (I will explain this in another writing, sooner if you ask me to); vision development, health, financial fitness, time management, and effective communication.  I feel that these areas are critical success domains for life, master these and master life.   With that in mind, in each of those areas I need to think about the things that should be done (to avoid errors of omission) and things that should not be done (to avoid errors of commission).  Elements that need to be in the  morning include: 

  • Meditation – 5 minutes with Muse
  • Running – 5 minutes fast (now at 2.5)
  • Bike for 20 minutes while reading Chronological Bible
  • 150 Pushups – 15 minutes with stretching
  • Output Writing for 25 minutes for my vision.  In this manner I honor a biblical principle to honor God first.  
  • Strategic Reflection 25 minutes; making sure that I am on track, and figuring out and reviewing priorities. 
  • 45 minutes to get ready for work (better if prepared the night before).  

That is a total of 130 minutes, with is just over two hours and I am out the door (I like it).  So best if my day starts at 5:00 am, and I will have accomplished alot for myself and God by 8:00 am, and ready to address the needs of others.  

My last thought has to do with the reading of the bible.  This is a very important piece and speaks to the issue allowing the apple seed to become the apple tree (happy to explain if you are interested).  Good ground is discussed in Mathew around 13:19-23; when we read with understanding, and experience joy in what we read (put smile on our face), and stay present to avoid the worries that the world can bring, we will be good ground, and with regular nourishment (prayer), you almost assure that you will become, who you were purposed to be…

Wish me luck in getting my tasks done:)


MTMIC Annual Conference

Had a great time at the MTMIC Annual Conference as one of the speakers.  My topic? “Living By Design 2017”. Met some great people, introduced to a great company with inspiring leadership, and had some great food (the asparagus was outstanding).  I even got some feedback from a participant, that her husband had heard me speak at another conference, made some changes, and feels much better.  I am so grateful for this day : )MTMIC