Declaration of Interdependence

This writing was inspired by the recognition that we are all connected and individually we make a contribution to the whole.  No longer can I point the finger at others without looking at myself.  Read and see if you agree that you are the difference that is needed and where it starts:

Declaration of Inter-Dependence

“We the People” find ourselves in very challenging times; high unemployment, rampant wars, ever escalating healthcare cost with little apparent benefit as parents often bury their young, evermore marital I do’s are becoming I don’t, and the masses choosing to live in ways that destroy (drains) the very planet that was designed to sustain us, our Eden.

While it is hard for a drop to recognize it’s contribution to the flood, I resist being a drop in the tsunami that is devastating our country, our world.

Too many deaths, to many wasted dreams. The grave is full ideas and solutions; seeds that were never able to take root, having been poisoned by criticism, self doubt, hatred, and other acts of foolishness, roads that truly need less travel.

Our country and our world is in trouble, and our leaders, those we look to for direction and resolve, seem to be in search of selfish rather than selfless solutions. These leaders dance in a theater of agendas that appear motionless, while those they profess to represent feel unheard (or better unloved). But it is unhelpful to convict when they are spiritually unconscious, a state of sleep that I too can be found in, and I tire at aimless pointing, so I look to myself.

I find it unhelpful to drink the poison of un-forgiveness expecting my transgressors to get ill, to rob myself of healing sleep doing things that help neither me nor those that I love. I’m saddened by eating in a manner that breaks me down, rather than build me up, and ashamed of leaving tasks undone that would help me, my family, and my community.

I say no more. Today, I draw a line in the sand, thrust a stake in the ground, and declare Interdependence Day.  From this day forward, I constantly look for actions that I (yes I) can take, to better myself, my family, and my community. I give the energy of my attention to the good around me, away from wickedness that I am not empowered to address, and remain aware, present, and grateful for every breath that I take.

I may slip, and I may fall, but with each passing day’s tender mercies I begin a new. And with God’s grace I pray that I take yet another step forward.  And when you see me, if you can, offer me words of encouragement.  Because a better me makes a better we, and a better us makes for a better world.

Signed:  “I” the People, Global Citizen

                 Copyright 2011

For a printable pdf click here : )  Interdependence_Day

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