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Had a blast with Danialle Karmanos!!!

IMG_3079 IMG_3074Just had my podcast with Danialle Karmanos posted (Jan 2020).  In summary it as a blast!!!  She is such a good conversationalist and needs her own talk show:) You are welcomed to listen by clicking here.  The topics covered centered on a topic that I hold dear; learning to live as we have been designed to live, identifying the best practices in the categories of

– mentalFitness: sleep, meditation

– nutritionalFitness: go nutrient dense, intermittent fasting

– physicalFitness: stretching, strengthening, building endurance

– socialFitness: connecting with your purpose, service

Many but not all of the above were covered to some degree.  As for my mission, I clarified that I am going after social toxicity, and trying to build “Cities of A’s” using a tool known as the Citizen Report Card”.  You can download hard copies from this website.  But you can do me one better by filling out the online survey of the Report Card by clicking here🙂