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Top 7 Effective Leadership Skills to Manage Your Time

What is your most productive period of time? What is cheap nfl jerseys from china your least productive time? Did you achieve your goals? How could you have done what you were doing more effectively?

Handle e mail and Phone Calls in Batches.

If you are like most people, you get phone calls and e mail messages throughout the day. Try chunking e mail and telephone calls together and return them all at once.

Divide Larger Tasks into Groups of Smaller Ones.

Break a job into bite sized pieces for easier consumption. Look at it like cleaning a room. You should pick a task to match the amount cheap jerseys of time available.

Try to understand the difference between urgent and important. Also try to create lists of what must be done , what should wholesale nba jerseys be done wholesale jerseys china and what you would like done by the end of the day.

Many people are afraid to let their managers know how busy they are, however, if you are overextended, it is important that you speak up for yourself.Articles Connexes: