Citizen Report Card

I thought I was done with Report Cards ?!?!?!

The rising cost of healthcare has made health an economic issue. Interestingly, much of the cost of healthcare comes from a few chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer. The presence and severity of these conditions are significantly influenced by our health behaviors and lifestyles. There is also a growing understanding that stress may be at the top of list when it comes to the condition that affects how long, and how well, we live (possibly by affecting our life choices). It seems as though the more stress (or distressed) we are, the poorer our lifestyle choices, which can have a dramatic impact on our health.  As such, the solutions to our current healthcare challenges may come more from being “socially empowered”, vs. treatment that only focuses on selective chronic medical conditions.

Enter the “Citizen Report Card”, which is a tool to help anyone identify behaviors that they can use to empower themselves, their family, and their community. Its was strategically named “Report Card” to emphasize the importance of education, and to allow children to see the “grades” of their parents. While this report card can be used by all, it really focuses on the  “earning years” of life (from 18-65). The ultimate goal of this site is to facilitate the creation of a “community of Aʼs”, which would be a wonderful place to live.

You can take this survey, by registering on the home page.  You may also download a printed copy of the report card.  There are two versions:

Citizen ReportCard “Earning  Years”: For Adults

Citizen ReportCard “Learning Years”: for Youth

As always, let us know what you think : )


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