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Who Am I?

My name is James Blessman, and I’m a native Detroiter with many roles to include Christian, Medical Director, Business Owner, Father, Son,  Bass Guitar Player, and Gadget Lover.  I have been purposed with a passion to help others (and myself) become who they were “designed to become”.  Its my belief that we all have purpose, and just as the apple seed knows to become the apple tree, we come to this place packaged with life direction inside of us.  Unfortunately, not every apple seed will be come an apple tree because of the environment and circumstances in which it finds itself.  Similarly, not all of us reach our full potential because of the environments in which we find ourselves.  The direction and instruction is always there, guiding us, just like a compass always knows which way is north.  But a compass can also be thrown off by placing a magnet next to it.  Similarly, there can be “magnets” in our life that throw our internal compass off.  My job, my purpose; help others identify and remove their magnets so that they live by design, authentically.

The goal is to create a website where insights are shared by those seeking a “life well lived”.  Its a process a journey, but with the right conversations we will find a way to leave this place a little better than we found it.  I plan to share my journey (and insights), hopefully you will share yours also.

Starting a Business After Ending A Career

What do you do when the money tree starts sprouting lemons?

It increasingly common these days to find middle aged, mid level managers suddenly faced with huge shifts of circumstance. Down sizing, bubble bursting, plant closing, and consolidating are just some of the forces creating a class of sudden solo preneurs.

At 50 something you face particularly difficult job hunting challenges. Your salary range is high. Your network is decent after so many years, but jobs at your level are few. You been cheap nba jerseys china there, done that, and thought you were finished with all wholesale jerseys china that new trick learning.

A big upset like job loss can provide a shift of perspective an opportunity to take stock. What is really important? What do you want to pursue at this point in your life? Is being your own boss the way to go?

I spoke with several silverbacks to share their wisdom gleaned from these life changes with a new member of the pack.

Dean turned 50 in January of 2005. In May he was fired from his position as marketing director of a high tech firm. He angry at the ease with which an employer could let him go.

“Control is a big issue for me. Do I really want to have someone tell what, where, and how? It seems like I work a lot but don reap the benefits. If I were on my own I have all the benefits and all the risks.”

Dean is deciding whether to find another job with the security of a regular paycheck and benefits, or start his own business. He finds information on the internet helpful but wishes there was a Big Brother like program pairing people and businesses to help him sort through the options.

Carl was 51 when the ordinance plant where he was safety manager closed its doors.

“I had a lot of friends in the business. I could have easily picked up another job but I would have had to relocate halfway across the country. I didn want to do that.”

Bob was an engineer whose position was eliminated after 23 years with the firm. This sent him into a deep depression that lasted for months.

With the help of his psychiatrist, Bob recognized what was most important in his life wife, his son, and his lifelong hobby, bird watching.

“My doctor told me to go bird watching every day. While out there on the wetlands I had a vision. I couldn go back to the corporate life.”

It takes a lot of stamina and belief in yourself to move ahead with plans for a business. Carl spoke of his state of mind at the time:

“I wasn frightened. I a survivor. I screwed up when I was younger went bankrupt, lost a lot of material things. One good thing about failing is that it gets you over that fear of failure. You learn from your mistakes.”

Both men did a lot of research, internal and external. Bob determined that he loved birds, kids, nature, education, photography, and the environment. Anything he pursued needed to involve those. Once he was clear on the essentials the how to landed in Bob lap.

“I saw an ad in a magazine to call for franchise information. My mind immediately took off with the possibilities. I began looking at retail spaces thinking wonder how that location would work? I saw the ad on a Saturday. That Tuesday I called the company. On Thursday I had the package and on the following Tuesday they had it back.”

Carl was taking his time, looking at options. His values included a love of people and a desire to create a positive environment.

His plans started with casual conversation.

“My buddies owned this building. There had been a restaurant there years ago but it had been mismanaged. And somehow the idea of starting another one came up. At first we were clowning around, yucking it up over a few beers, but then we started getting more serious.

Bob made use of the infant, but still helpful internet of 1995. Carl used lower tech methods to estimate his market.

I spent 15 days from 4:00 am to 11:00 am counting cars at that intersection. I figured if we could get a big enough percentage wholesale nfl jerseys of them to stop we be in business.

Bob used a book called, The Insider Guide to Franchising [Webster, B. 1986 Amacom, New wholesale cheap jerseys York] to help him review his offer. Carl was mentored by a successful friend in the restaurant business who helped him think things through. They developed their business plans and opened their doors.

The first year was tough for both businesses. Miscalculations and errors sent both owners reeling.

At first Carl knew nothing about preparing and serving food.

“The restaurant was overstaffed and overpaid. I felt held hostage by the people who worked for me. Things were pretty shaky there for awhile. Some days I wondered if we could open the doors.”

Bob got overwhelmed with paperwork and screwed up his accounting records.

“Plus I went crazy at Vendormart. I bought four times as much inventory as I should have. Nowadays the franchise pairs successful stores and newbies so that doesn happen, but those safeguards weren in place back then.”

In September Bob store will celebrate its tenth anniversary. It has been recognized three times among the Top 30 Most Improved stores. In February and June of this year his store was number 2 out of 320 in overall sales.Articles Connexes: