SMARTtarget Personal Development December 2014

The goal is to have some dialog about the skills that are most helpful in living a fulfilled life. Some suggestions to get you started include; financial management, time management, learning, and communication. It can also be suggested that you develop a creative hobby which is a right brain activity. The value of this can be appreciated by watching the TED talk Stroke of Insight, by Jill Bolte Taylor. It is also brain stretching and respectful, to try and learn another language. This may become more important as the world becomes flatter.

It is also suggested that you watch the video on the Blue Zone project, where there is discussion on what people are doing that seems to help them make it to 100 without much problem : )

To get an A in Personal Development, you need to spend 5 hours per week to improve your knowledge or skill. Make the 5 hours count 🙂

SMARTtarget (DOM) POLITICALfitness Nov-2014

To get an “A” you must be a registered voter, vote 90% of the time, and write a letter to one of your political representatives.

As we are upon an election this is a good time to focus on political fitness. In reality your interest in politics should not end with an election, it’s really the beginning.

You are encouraged to write to your political leadership and thank them for something that they have done/said that you like, as we tend to get more of what we focus on, or give our attention to.

In this section post the people/principles, products, and practices that help you get an “A” in this category.