“Believing Is Seeing”


Don’t Let Your Beliefs be a Barrier to Your Reality (true story)

It was a normal day, I was not rushed, I was not fatigued, nor was I on any “mind altering substances”. I walked into the clinic where I worked, and from a distance noticed that a black chalkboard had been placed on the door behind the nurses station.  The previous months had seen many structural changes in the clinic, so I was not surprised to see something unfamiliar.  It just made no sense to put a blackboard on this door.  It was so odd to me that I needed to take a closer look.  So I walked over and stood there, about 1 foot away from the door, shaking my head in disbelief.  I reached out my hand to touch the blackboard all the while  thinking  “this is really a waste of time and resources.”  I then had one of those Alice in Wonderland or Matrix like experiences, as my hand went through the “blackboard.”  This was a very weird feeling, which lasted 2-3 seconds.  I then realized that there was no black chalkboard on the door, but an opening in which to place a glass window (which did make sense).  When I initially viewed the door from a distance, I was on an angle, and with the light off inside the room, the space appeared dark.  I then came to the wrong conclusion, that there was a blackboard on the door.

What fascinated me about this experience was that while I thought that there was a blackboard, all I could see was a blackboard.  After I realized that there was no blackboard, I could easily see objects inside the darkened, room such as a chair and table with a few scattered items.

On this day I learned two valuable lessons; 1) seeing is not believing as much as we see what we believe, and more importantly 2) my belief was a barrier to my reality.  It wasn’t until I challenged my belief that my true reality became apparent.  This reminds me of a teaching from the book Secrets of  Millionaire Mind.  The author makes the statement that while there is a difference in knowledge between where we are and where we want to be, the reason that we are not there today has more to do with knowledge that we have, that’s wrong.

I wonder if I have other beliefs that are serving as barriers to my reality, beliefs about myself, those around me, and the environment that I live in.

Be careful of your beliefs, for they may be a barrier to you reality.

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