SMARTmessage (DOM) 11/2/14

We are now up to 104 likes on the SMARTplace page. This number needs to be matched by the number of report cards that are filled out at If you have trouble completing this please email me. Please do this as this is how we are tracking our effort and can tell whether or not we are improving.

To get the most out of the SMARTplace effort, please commit to trying or posting one entry (or more) each week.
Summaries recommendations for targets mental fitness and family direction have been posted. Feel free to add to the mental fitness and family vision TARGETS if you find things of value. Also try out as many of the recommendations as you can and comment on whether you find it helpful. This is how we whether it represents a universal “truth” vs just helping the person who posted it.
Will be changing to nutritional fitness, so look for the people, products, and, practices that help you improve you eating. You can get some directions by downloading steps 4,5, and 6 from the SMARTsteps program at under the about tab.

The second target will be political fitness. To get an A, you must be a registered voter, vote in 90% of the elections, and write a letter to a political official. It is good time for political fitness as an election is right around the corner. It is suggested that you write to your officials early and than them for something that they are doing that you like (because what we focus on tends to grow).

Pastor Kelly endorsed the imagery at night before going to sleep posting. She does find this helpful.

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