SMARTMessage (DOM) 11/22/14

SMARTMessage 11/22/14


There are 175 Likes to the SMARTplace webpage, and 4 report cards that have been filled out at the website. It will be important to familiarize yourself with the website as this is how we will track our progress over time. Also, for those that are not on Facebook, you can now use the blog at to follow along.

Writing Convention: When posting use the tags PRINCIPLE when you are posting helpful knowledge, PRODUCT when you want to recommend a product, or PRACTICE when you want to recommend something that you do.

Prior Targets

Mental Fitness

PRINCIPLE posting: Simon Sinek on the biology of leadership. This explains four happiness hormones that drive our behavior. You can use this to your advantage to become addicted to a good life. We will likely have more conversation on this later.

Family Direction

No additional posts, but hopefully people have identified a SMARTgoal and crafted a family mission statement. With this it will become clearer if your are living genuinely and without dis-ease. Please go to this SMARTtarget and post your goal and vision. Sharing your goal can help to inspire others, and help to keep you on track as others check in with you concerning your goal.

Current Targets

Nutritional Fitness (going into holiday:)

PRINCIPLE (jblessman): blueberries and walnuts should be on the list, recommended by a neurobiologist that studies brain degeneration:…/natures-bounty-the…

PRINCIPLE (jblessman): Forks Over knives, this is a documentary that discusses the advantages of a plant based whole foods diet (energy, end of HTN, end of diabetes). Many who follow these suggestions have rid themselves of high blood pressure, diabetes, and other chronic health conditions.

PRODUCT: Nurtribullet, helps you get in more fruits and vegetables.

PRACTICE: eating greens as salad and in smoothies, seems to be very helpful, which may be because of magnesium. Some nutritional pundits think that 80% of the population is behind on magnesium because there are many things that cause us to loose magnesium (sugar, phosphates in soda, stress), and there may be less in the food because of how it is harvested.

RAFFLE: We will be raffling off a NUTRIBULLET donated by Lexi. Look for the box labeled RAFFLE in the hallway. On the entry card write your name and list a nutritional fitness tip that makes your energized, and something that makes your tired (the itis). Place one recommendation on a card, so you can enter more than once (but each card must have a separate recommendation/observation. We will cycle through two Sundays before we have the drawing.

Political Fitness
List your representative, district and how many bill they sponsored?
Website link to some of your political representatives We would like for all members to write one of their political representatives. It is also suggested that you thank them for something that they have said or done that you appreciate. Don’t just make request (though this is a good thing also). Remember they are people just like you, and sometimes its good just to hear an encouraging word.

End of Quarter Thoughts
Not sure what the final two targets will be, though one will focus on physical fitness. We will be having a gathering either at the end or beginning of the new year to allow those interested to come together to share what they have learned or challenges that they have.

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