SMARTmessage (DOM) 11/16/14


First my apologies this weekend for posting a group messages. I was looking for a way to communicate with the group, but group messaging is not the way as if you respond, that message also goes to everyone. Some people really did not like this. Finally Tony Williams put us all out of our misery by getting rid of the discussion chain. We will find another way : )

In terms of activity were were up to 175 like and 4 report cards that had been filled out on line. Not sure if participants are having problems filling out the report card on line, but this will be the best way to track our progress as a group.
Up to 175 likes, and 4 report cards that have been filled out on line.

You should have at least one SMARTgoal identified, the one thing that would have the greatest impact on your quality of life if you were to accomplish this over the next 6-12 months. In addition, you should have a draft of a Family Mission statement. Don’t worry if you don’t think this is perfect, you may modify it over time, but you need to start somewhere. If you struggle with were to begin with identifying a purpose, check out the video by Adam Leipzig at This video has had nearly 2 million views.

While there are several posts that have been listed, the one thing that likely helps the most is breath awareness. One technique is called 4-7-8 Breathing. However mindful meditation for as little as 10 minutes a day will likely have a great impact on you life. Stillness.

There does seem to be a pattern to the few entries that have been posted: the more greens in the meal, the more energy one seems to have, the more sugar the less energy we seem to have. One helpful product to get those greens in is the Nutribullet.

One nutrient that may be accounting for this “energy” is magnesium. Many nutritional pundits suggest that 70-80% of the population may have less than optimal levels of magnesium which is hard to detect, because it is not really identified by the current laboratory test for magnesium which mainly measures magnesium in the blood, which is not were most of the magnesium in our bodies is located (long sentence). Magnesium is important because it plays a role in the manufacturing of ATP which the cells use for energy. If the cells don’t have enough ATP they can’t function and hence the systems that they are a part of cannot function. So magnesium deficiency can be a great masquerader (depression, heart disease, skin disease, immune disease, etc).

Going forward we would still like to hear about your practices and how they make you feel good or bad. It is helpful to think about “fitness” because it is more than just what you eat that is important. If you think about music, you can play the right note at the wrong time (so when are the best times to eat and not eat). You can also pair notes together and they clash with one other (which foods go together or clash). Finally, you also need to pay attention to spacing and the rest, if its too crowded things get messy. Sometimes less is more. We can eat at the wrong time, have the wrong food combinations, eat too many varieties at once (no other species does this), or the nutritional value could be altered by our methods of food preparation. As you pay attention to this, let us know what is going on when you feel good, and when you feel bad. Don’t worry about grammar, of feel that you cant write, just get it out there, it can be fixed later. We are just looking for patterns and the more people that share their testimony, the clearer the relationships will be.

As a final announcement, Lexi had donated a slightly used Nutribullet which we will raffle off in two weeks. The way to make an entry it to fill out a post card with your name on it and write down what

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